a trillion / quite tiny / little poems generates untold billions of quite tiny little poems in a miniature haiku format of 4 then 3 then 4 syllables 

or at least it tries too but sometimes the source poems get their meter completely wrong for reasons i am simply unable to explain (reason/explanation: i am quite poor at poems)

the 174 source poems can be found in six small anthologies hereherehereherehere and here

(this means rather than a trillion tiny poems there's only 5,268,024, but maybe 5,268,024 is the secret definition of a quite tiny little trillion or somethging, maybe, perhaps, possibly) 

anyway occassionally it blurts out something surprisingly beautiful

though more often as not it just churns out rubbish

please do not hate me

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quite tiny little poem #41.96.11

storm clouds approach
ink’s gone dry


Me loikes!