Q. What is JokeGPT?

A. JokeGPT is a humour evaluation model developed by the Pan Nedrex Corporation. It's based on the GPT-3.462 architecture, which is a variant of the GPT-3.461 model (Generic Product Template 3.461), which is itself a variant of the GPT-3.459 model (GPT-3.460 variations have been terminated, and are no longer our legal responibilty). 

Q. What is the purpose of JokeGPT?

A. JokeGPT is designed to generate human-like jokes based on the entirety of all human-created humour since the dawn of time. Because we have strict corporate standards prohibiting copywrite infringement and providing pay and/or work to any living artists, writers, humourists, etc, JokeGPT has only been trained on datasets involving the work of the deceased or those that operate in countries not covered by any applicable laws to which we will ever be subject to.

Q. How does JokeGPT work?

A. JokeGPT can understand and generate humour of all kinds in both traditional and non-traditional formats, making it useful for a wide range of humour generation, including telling jokes, telling other jokes, explaining its jokes, explaining its explanations of its jokes, plus further functions available on request.


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